Giving Changes Everything

Every penny counts towards our mission of creating a sustainable platform for the purpose of giving back to local communities, empowering individuals and small organisations to make a big impact.

Cultivating a culture of giving

GIVE Foundation encourages, facilitates, and teaches people to be generous, fostering a spirit of giving and making a lasting impact in the lives of others.

Empowering local communities

GIVE Foundation aims to create a sustainable platform and provide support to local communities, helping them thrive and effect positive change for future generations.

Transforming lives through collective action

By focusing on small, consistent donations and engaging individuals en masse, GIVE Foundation believes in the power of collective giving to create meaningful change, both locally and globally.

What are our Objectives

In general, if its beneficial to you, your health, your well-being, and your future - We want to invest in it and see you flourish.

  • Nurture community

    Investing in grass-roots and home-grown initiatives

  • Empower the vulnerable

    Bridging the wealth gap by helping poverty-tackling charities

  • Protect the oppressed

    Advocating for Social justice and humanitarian-focused charities

  • Unlock potential

    Empowering future leaders by supporting Education and vocational opportunities

  • Support Families

    Investing in the next generation to create a brighter future

  • Pursue Joy

    Foster and promote creative arts, sports, and other healthy pursuits

Everyone Can Give

Whether you can afford 1p or £10million your generosity will make a difference.

Why Give?

At GIVE Foundation, we believe that generosity has the power to transform lives, communities, and even the world. When we give from the depths of our hearts, we become catalysts for positive change, spreading kindness, compassion, and hope. Discover the profound impact of generosity and why embracing this noble virtue is essential in today's world.

  • Cultivate Joy

    Giving brings immeasurable joy and fulfilment, not just to those receiving but also to the givers themselves. Experience the unparalleled joy that comes from making a difference in someone's life, lighting up their world, and sharing in their journey of hope.

  • Strengthen Communities

    Generosity is the glue that binds communities together. When we support local charities, clubs, and initiatives, we build stronger, more resilient communities that care for one another. Join us in creating a network of kindness and support that uplifts and empowers those in need.

  • Transform Lives

    Through acts of giving, we have the power to transform lives. From providing essential resources to offering educational opportunities, our collective generosity has the potential to empower individuals, break cycles of poverty, and pave the way for brighter futures.

  • Foster Connection

    Generosity fosters meaningful connections between people. By reaching out and helping others, we build bridges of compassion and understanding, forging bonds that transcend differences. Join us in creating a world where empathy and human connection prevail.

  • Inspire Others

    Your generosity has a ripple effect, inspiring others to follow in your footsteps. By becoming a beacon of kindness, you have the power to ignite a movement of giving, encouraging others to embrace their innate capacity to make a difference, no matter how small their contribution may seem.

  • Leave a Lasting Legacy

    Through giving, we leave an indelible mark on the world. Your generosity creates a legacy of compassion and love that will continue to impact lives for generations to come. Join us in building a brighter future and shaping a world defined by generosity.

Discover the Power of One

We Could Give
in 3 Years!

We believe that even the smallest donations have the potential to create significant change. It's a testament to the collective strength of individuals coming together for a common cause. As such we're starting the Penny Movement. By giving just one penny a week and increasing that amount gradually, we can create a ripple effect of goodness that touches countless lives. Every contribution matters, no matter how small, because together, we can achieve great things. With in the Penny Movement we collectively be able to give way in just 3 years!

This is visualised below - Move the slider to change the percentage of UK adults in the Penny Movement.

Where We Give

At GIVE Foundation, we carefully allocate funds to causes aligned with our mission, ensuring that every donation makes a tangible difference. From supporting local charities to providing essential resources, your contribution supports various initiatives that positively impact lives. We are committed to integrity, trustworthiness, and transparency in our operations, and our dedicated team continually identifies and supports individuals and organisations dedicated to doing good.

  • Local Transformation

    We prioritise local transformation as a catalyst for national and global change. By supporting local charities, clubs, and initiatives that love and uplift their communities, we strengthen the foundations of positive change.

  • Poverty-Tackling Organisations

    We stand in solidarity with poverty-tackling organisations that directly support those in need. Our donations provide essential resources to shelters, food banks, and providers of clothing and material goods, ensuring basic needs are met for vulnerable individuals and families.

  • Social Justice and Humanitarian Efforts

    Social justice lies at the core of our giving. We champion initiatives that fight against inequality, injustice, and discrimination. By uplifting social justice and humanitarian efforts, we protect and restore the lives of those most vulnerable and marginalised in our society.

  • Education, Mental Health, and Well-being

    We believe in the transformative power of education, mental health support, and overall well-being. Your donations enable us to invest in educational and vocational opportunities, wellness hubs, and programs that empower individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

  • Family-Focused Initiatives

    Strong families are the bedrock of thriving communities. We support initiatives that prioritize family support, parent-child relationships, and stable frameworks for the next generation. Through our giving, we aim to nurture and strengthen family units, fostering healthier and more resilient communities.

  • Arts and Cultural Enrichment

    We recognize the power of the creative arts in bringing people together and enriching lives. By supporting arts, culture, and creative endeavours, we contribute to vibrant communities that foster joy, self-expression, and a sense of belonging.

Join Us on this Journey

Explore our website to learn more about our initiatives, the impact of generosity, and how you can get involved. Be inspired by stories of kindness, discover practical tips for cultivating a generous mindset, and join our community of compassionate individuals who are committed to creating a better world. Together, let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and positive change through the power of giving.

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