It Starts with 1p!

At GIVE Foundation, we believe in the power of every individual, every contribution, and every act of generosity. That's why we invite you to join the Penny Movement—a revolution that proves the incredible impact of starting small. We understand that not everyone can give large sums, but we firmly believe that everyone can make a difference, one penny at a time.

Just 1p Per Adult Raises
Every Week!

Overcoming the Barrier of Affordability

We understand that some may feel they can't afford to give, but the Penny Movement provides an opportunity for everyone to participate. By starting small and gradually increasing your contribution, you'll be amazed at how even the tiniest amounts can accumulate into a substantial impact. It's about shifting our perspective, realising that generosity is not determined by the size of our wallets but by the size of our hearts.

However there's a

While the Penny Movement holds immense potential, there is a challenge we must address. Currently, there is no platform available to automate this unique giving model without incurring fees. Traditional methods charge transaction fees, even for charitable donations, which limits the impact of our giving and prohibits the Penny Movement. For example PayPal's fees are such that that for each donation we'd be charged 30p plus 2.9% of the donated amount-preventing the Penny Movement from working unless it starts at 50p but then 64% of the donated amount would be going to the Bank!. That's why GIVE Foundation is dedicated to developing and launching a Direct Debit solution without Fees and eventually GIVE Bank—an innovative banking solution that revolutionises the way individuals and organisations handle their finances.

The reason its a problem is because this is the figure the GIVE Foundation would have to have in the bank before we start the Penny Movement to cover the stages of the movement where the donations don't cover the fees (That is, if were a part of the Penny Movement). This can be seen below anytime the Purple line is above the Blue line—which in our first year would be every week!

Moving the slider changes the percentage of UK adults in the Movement

Banks would take - that's !

Imagine this: of the Penny Movement donations made through traditional banking methods would be swallowed up by fees. This alarming reality highlights a major problem—an obstacle that stands in the way of our collective ability to start small, grow together, and maximize the impact of our giving. At GIVE Foundation, we firmly believe that 100% of what is given to good causes should fund good causes. It's time to address this issue head-on and remove the barriers that hinder our ability to make a real difference in the world. It's another reason why we're developing GIVE Bank—a game-changing solution that empowers you to give freely, knowing that every penny you contribute goes directly to the causes you care about.

Introducing GIVE Bank

GIVE Bank is a groundbreaking banking application that aims to transform how we handle our day-to-day financial needs. Owned by the GIVE Foundation its purpose is to provide the Banking platform society deserves, one that cares, one that Gives not takes, one that focuses on community and small organisations, one that provides a service not exploits a need. With fee-free donations and small transaction processing, GIVE Bank will ensure that every penny you contribute goes directly to the causes you care about. By embracing this revolutionary banking solution, we will release countless millions, if not billions, back into the hands of businesses and charities, enabling them to thrive and make an even greater difference in the world.

Join Us Today

Embrace the Penny Movement and be part of something extraordinary. Start small, make a difference, and help us shape a future where generosity knows no bounds. Together, through the power of the Penny Movement, we can empower generosity, uplift communities, and create lasting change for a brighter tomorrow.

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